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Skin Renewal


Non-ablative Skin Renewal

Stop Concealing Your Skin’s Imperfections. Unveil your radiance.

Refreshing the appearance and quality of your skin is easy with the no down-time non-ablative fractional Laser. The Icon 1540 laser treatment renews the skin to remove signs of aging, brown spots, sun damage, and fine lines. This fractional erbium laser stimulates new collagen production to improve skin laxity, minimize facial wrinkles, and plump the facial skin.

How does Skin renewal work?

This premier laser uses pulses of energy to penetrate deep into the tissue stimulating the production of new collagen while leaving the top layer of skin intact. This is highly effective on fine facial wrinkles and skin tightening because of the collagen stimulation. This energy stimulates profoundly more collagen formation than microneedling and doesn’t cause a wound to the overlying skin.  Simultaneously the energy of this laser targets the pigments of cosmetically undesirable color spots. Wrinkle depth and severity is minimized and tone and texture are improved.

How many treatments will I need?

During your consultation a customized treatment plan will be made just for you and your skin needs. Often only one treatment is needed, however 2-4 treatments may reveal a more optimal results. These treatments are scheduled four to six weeks apart.

What can I expect?

The Icon 1540 has a chilled tip, which keeps discomfort to a minimum. To aid in your comfort, a topical numbing gel will be applied prior to your treatment and an ice mask will applies after.

What will I look like leaving the office?

Immediately following your treatment, your face will be pink/red. Some patients experience mild to moderate swelling that lasts a few hours. Ice packs will be given to you to help aid the swelling and soothe your face. More aggressive treatments can cause pinkness and peeling that can last for 2 to 3 days.

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